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Nature Connection Walks

Meet me in Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park or Inwood Park for a 3 hour nature experience. These walks are for teens (15+), adults, and seniors who want a chance to get a little closer to the earth and its magic.

You’ll be invited to get curious about the landscape and about your relationship with it. This is a chance to connect to yourself and the land using all your senses.

In addition to exploring the public park with the group you’ll also be invited to try different exercises that will help you slow down and be present. You’ll get to know parts of yourself that can’t access in the midst of your busy life. You’ll be amazed by how healing it can be.

Financial investment:

$40 each person/per walk
$110 for a package of 3 walks
$210 for a package of 6 walks

May 2022
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

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