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What is Forest Nature Therapy?

Forest Therapy is a modality that supports the healing and wellness through immersion in the forest and other natural environments.  It’s a practice of sensory connection designed to help you come into an intimate relationship with the more-than-human world as well as the human world.  A series of guided invitations help bring you into the present moment, opening doors of communication with all of the forest as we explore outside.  Throughout our exploration we discover not just the forest, but also aspects of ourselves.

Is Forest Therapy like Forest Bathing?

Yes, the terms have a lot in common. Forest Therapy is inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to \”forest bathing.\”  It was developed in Japan during the 1980s and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. Researchers primarily in Japan and South Korea have established scientific literature on the health benefits of spending time outdoors in nature.

Can Nature Connection Walks benefit my health and mental wellbeing?

The Forest is the best medicine you can take!  It’s right outside of your door or a few blocks away from any public park.  Forest bathing and creating a conscious connection with nature has been scientifically proven to relieve or eliminate all kinds ailments associated with stress like headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, and arthritis, ADHD among many other ailments. You can reading material that backs up the studies here.

Are you certified to do this work?

Yes, I have completed the The Association of Nature & Forest Therapy’s  6 month Certification practicum. ANFT methods and practices are based upon scientifically backed research in health science. They provide the standard techniques that assist participants in receiving the full impact of forest medicine.  The strong framework helps participants slow down, awaken their senses, and reconnect with the more-than-human world.  We are not therapists, we are just guides – the forest is the therapist.

How many times should I participate in a Forest Therapy experience?

Our connection to nature is so important for us and mother earth herself. Your participation and connection is very important in healing ourselves and the earth.  If we look back to our indigenous ancestors you’ll see how they were in constant relationship with the more-than-human world. They needed to listen and work with the earth in order for them to survive. Our busy urban lifestyles have removed our species from the forest we were once so at one with.  So anytime you can just take a walk through a park or sit on a bench and observe is good medicine for the soul.

What can I expect during a Nature Connection Walk?

This is a guided holistic approach that leads you on a pleasant walk in Nature.  I will lead you through sensory based “invitations” to activities that bring a heighten awareness and help you stay in the present moment.  Each moment you’ll feel a deeper connection to the more-than-human world.  The experience closes with a traditional tea ceremony using foraged plants that we\’ll all enjoy together in a final circle.